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Outside – A Bridge for Max

by admin • September 12, 2023

In 2021, Max LeNail drowned while trail running in a San Diego park. His parents demanded a bridge. Two years later, they’re still fighting. Max LeNail was five minutes away from the end of his run when the hail storm started. He had already summited the South Fortuna peak in San Diego, California’s Mission Trails […]

Bridge for Max Summer 2023 Update

by admin • July 22, 2023

Dear Friends, I spent the past two days in San Diego to get the Max Lenail Memorial Bridge back on track. I made good progress. Laurie and I always knew that we would face government bureaucracy, and that we would have to stay very involved in the project. It is a private project on public […]

2022 End of Year BridgeForMax Update

by admin • November 5, 2022

Dear Friends: The Max Lenail Memorial Bridge project is very much alive, and our goal continues to have the inauguration by January 29, 2024, the third anniversary of Max’s death. All year, our prime contractor KPFF has been working hard to complete physical and environmental surveys and obtain all necessary permits. We have a precise […]

Marking the One-Year Anniversary + Great Progress on the Max LeNail Memorial Bridge

by admin • January 31, 2022

Laurie and I are immensely grateful for the many messages, letters, and gifts we received from you to mark the One-Year Anniversary of Max’s tragic death. On Saturday, we went to Mission Trails Regional Park for a time of remembrance, community, and celebration of the progress with the Max LeNail Memorial Bridge. We gathered at the […]