Dear Friends:

The Max Lenail Memorial Bridge project is very much alive, and our goal continues to have the inauguration by January 29, 2024, the third anniversary of Max’s death.

All year, our prime contractor KPFF has been working hard to complete physical and environmental surveys and obtain all necessary permits. We have a precise location mapped for the bridge. We have frequent and positive interactions with the San Diego Development Services planning staff in charge of the project. 

I have personally attended, and presented at, civic meetings such as the Mission Trails Regional Park (MTRP) Citizens Advisory Committee, and MTRP Task Force.

San Diego District 7 Councilmember Raul Campillo and the MTRP Foundation’s Jennifer Morrissey have been universally supportive and helpful.

In the next few months, KPFF’s geotech team will conduct 60-foot-deep “borings” at the site, to assess the soil, rock, groundwater, and overall conditions at this location. We will undergo review by the US Army Corps of Engineers, which has jurisdiction over the San Diego River. Actual construction will take place in late 2023. The top photo is of the team conducting a preliminary survey at the southern entrance of the Crossing.

Friends often feel called to go to the site to reflect on Max’s short life and pay their respects. Here is our friend Stephanie laying a wreath of flowers at the Crossing earlier this week.

We continue to partner with the San Diego Foundation to receive tax-deductible donations for the Bridge. We are grateful for your year-end support, which builds confidence that the project has the deep momentum of inevitability!